28 Jan 2021

Beastie Boys - Citizen Brick

Not sure about you, but I find useless stuff I just have to buy way too often, the regular visitor might have noticed already....:)! These Lego guys are a perfect example. Famous from the BeastieBoys "sabotage" video. Ok, the background with the airplane of the 1986 "licence to ill" album isn't correct, but who cares that "sabotage" came out on "ill communication" in 1993. I just love these little guys and will find a good place somewhere! 

20 Jan 2021

Double Dot Retro Cooler

I do not collect 6-Pack coolers, but I still have a few. Recently discovered this retro cooler on craigslist and just had to have it. The 1940s double dot Pepsi logo makes it rare and worth finding some space on a shelf.