27 Nov 2012

The Doubleback T5

Some of you might know it already. When your split camper is becoming too small...:)

19 Nov 2012

Australian Zwitter

Badass Zwitter from down under, seen on the CSP FB page.

Florida 21

This is the Samba of Mark and Lucy Pinkstaf, an awesome van with a unique flip seat. I never liked the 16's (lower 2 pics) though, and I am in general not a big fan of 17's either. But I can say, this is the first type 2 I think looks better with those 17's from Airkewld! Pics from Stevo and HotVWs.

18 Nov 2012

The Anti-Hippy Bay

I mentioned this project last year. Pretty extreme bay drop, NOT to the average taste. But still one outstanding bus! Don`t know why the blog updates ended one day. Discovered the pic of the finished bus on volksforum.com.

4 Nov 2012

HKC Ovali

Olly did it again: latest Heckkraft Custom ride back on its rims. This baby will also get a full repaint before the beginning of next season....can't wait!

Slammed Egg

There are shapes you (nearly) can't improve....:)