31 Mar 2018

Söderfors - Perfect Blend Job

You just have to love resto jobs like this one!

51 Barndoor 24A from Brazil

What a beautiful restoration of a beautiful bus! My all time favourite model with factory sunroof!
Check theSamba.com for more!

Wedge on Outlaws

Not a big fan of wedges, but I think the Outlaws suit this one rather well! Pic nicked from 'der Large'!

13 Mar 2018

The Rascals Cats

Cyril sent me a huge set of pics from our shooting last year. Here are just a few of my favourites...Cheers, Cyril!

12 Mar 2018

Combi Magazine No. 23

My bus is featured in current Combi Magazine No. 23 in France. Make sure you get a copy from a shop near you, many great busses covered within! Many thanks Cyril and Julien!