28 Dec 2022

New Gadgets

Went for a little shopping trip recently and picked up this log burner. Inspired by UKs “creation fabrication”, but built by a talented welder in southern Germany. The main reason for my trip was the split bar. Always fancied having one and finally found one for a reasonable price, legitimating the effort of driving 1.100km through Germany on the darkest and probably one of the wettest days of the year…

11 Dec 2022

Garage Fest

Had a little kind-of-post-Covid garage gathering due to my birthday a few days ago. Just bought some drinks and invited a few friends and the fogger did the rest. It somehow turned out like a serious party! The fogger was a present from my wife by the way!

23 Oct 2022

1952 Barndoor Deluxe 4 sale

I followed the build of this stunning bus on TheSamba.com for quite a while and was so impressed by the result when I first saw it in real life in Hessisch in 2022. If I had the funds I wouldn't hesitate to place an offer. I'm sure a well-off buyer will be very happy soon! Find the sales add here.

4 Sept 2022

Bulli Summer Festival 2022

Just came home from #BSF22 and had a blast! Met so many nice people and had a fantastic time with perfect weather and cool cars!