26 Feb 2013

T2D Body Dropper

I followed this T2D project from the first day they started with loading up pics on their blog! Now it seems to be on final! Can't wait so see the final stance! Great colour as well, pretty sure it is anthracite grey like (half of) my van!

22 Feb 2013

Camper Coffee Co

Had an email chat with Paul from Camper Coffee Co from Exeter, Devon UK! Proud owners of a rare 1964 Container Splitvan. Follow them on Facebook! The box is in the Werks and will soon get a fresh look!

18 Feb 2013


Just added a new link to my list! If you're looking for some rare accessories make sure you check classiccult.com and their blog!

9 Feb 2013

Chromed bulbs

I'm sick of winter and am desperately looking for a proper workshop. I can't work on my van in that small storage, apart from minor updates...

6 Feb 2013

1949 Typ29 prototype #4

There is a lot of excitement going on about a very early bus that might have been found. Rikki James started it on SSVC. Since then everybody seems to guess along, also on TheSamba. The van on the pics is an East Germaned barndoor-wannabee, recently purchased by the Grundmanns. They for sure know what they are buying, but I doubt this really is much more than a hackjob. But if the Grundmanns should be involved I am sure we'll hear/see more about it in HO! Others think the stir is caused due to some confusion with Johnny D.'s Tempter prototype replica, another epic project to hit the scene hard when finished! To cut the story short: watch the links and/or this space....!

1 Feb 2013

Speed Star 2013

Wow! He really made it! I asked you guys to support my mate Olly on Facebook a few weeks ago, cheers all who did!