18 Apr 2015

Crazy ass 356 "Outcast"

This is one of these projects I'm already following for years and nearly forgot about. This guy is planting a Audi V8 into a 356 chassis. After a longer break in the thread I thought he gave up, but he hasn`t. This very international project left Hong Kong and is now in professional hands in Chicago, will get shipped to OZ when done! And solving logistics is not the only task...love it! More pics here.

Annoying Autofrühling

Went to the town centre of Braunschweig today for the annual "Autofrühling". The city is crowded with exhibitors of mostly new cars, usually presented by car dealers. There is also a vintage corner. But some of the folks passing by mix up vendors and vintage enthusiasts and think "it's their right" to touch and test the old cars as well. Made some very annoying experiences there today and left early!

11 Apr 2015


My bug's seasonal plate is vaild again. After some minor tlc I took it out for a ride with the family today! New SSP Fooks, old tires got a little touch up with the well known rubber paint...

6 Apr 2015