28 Dec 2009

V10 Ghia

Odd, but still can't wait to see this once it's finished. Follow the progress on Deanz Rodz & Racecarz or on TheSamba.

18 Dec 2009

Type Porsche

How cool is that bastard? Notch 911 from Japan as seen on the KnK blog.

15 Dec 2009

Ferry Porsches Collection

Check this site to see a couple of rare cars of Ferry Porsche's private collection on display in the Porsche Museum. How cool is that tire pattern?

13 Dec 2009

Hot SL

This hot SL was on display at the Motor Show in Essen this year. Picture stolen from Groundspeed.

7 Dec 2009

Sleeper in VW Speed

Check the current issue of the German VW Speed for more about this awesome sleeper. Or check the owner's club site.

30 Nov 2009


This van has seen a lot of the world already. (Re-)build in the US, imported to and magazine featured in the UK and now back on German soil. Congratulations to Dirk to this awesome addition to his vintage car collection!

17 Nov 2009

Radio cover

Guido Wensing has developed a radio slot cover and frame for all those butchered beetle dashboards out there. Good stuff!

11 Nov 2009

Pre A

John Jones is building another very cool project for himself. Follow the progress in the KCW forums.

29 Oct 2009


Thorsten send over some more pics! Grey is on as well! Go to Brauer if you want shiny shiny paint like that!

17 Oct 2009

GFK Thread

Cool shot as seen on TheSamba.com.

Konrad is 4 sale!

The Pink Pounder is up for grabs on TheSamba!


Thorsten sent over some pics of the first stage of the paint job! Looking good Thorsten! Can't wait till the grey is on it as well!

15 Oct 2009

Wolfsburg Street Wear

I received a nice message from Martin from Sweden! Check out his new webshop! Cheers Martin!