28 Aug 2021

Second Coming Single Cab

If you haven't seen it yet you should follow "Second coming single cab" on Facebook. Awesome ride! A shame "Grover" is racing on a different continent, that would be the ultimate pull! Maybe joined by the "Concept Racing SC".

27 Aug 2021

Oldtimerschmiede Hackethal

 Have the first 500km on my new engine and went to Roberto for the first inspection.

21 Aug 2021

Street Mag Show

Went to Hanover today with a few friends to join the Street Mag Show. My first show I joined in 2 years! #fckcovd! Not sure if Marty Mcflys flux-compensator had a malfunction, but I've never seen so many DeLoreans in one place before!

1 Aug 2021

Splitbus back home

I picked up my bus at Oldtimerschmiede Hackethal including the new engine. Specs are similar to the old ones, but I'm confident this one is going to be way more reliable that the old motor! Had a little issue on the Autobahn, gas pedal got lost half way home. But that loosened accelerator cable was quickly fixed so I could get home safe and dry. Thanks Roberto Hackethal!