30 Apr 2012

May Cruise Madness 2012

Am just back from Hanover, joined the DFL May Cruise Madness at BK! Great weather, nice people and a good spot for us due to our early arrival!

29 Apr 2012


Went to Wolfsburg today and joined the cruise through city and factory. Here are a couple of my shots.

28 Apr 2012

26 Apr 2012

Mitsubishi L300

Yes, it looks like a 15window highroof split, but it is a well made middle engine bastard from Indonesia! Check CSPs Facebook album for more info!

24 Apr 2012

Not a vdub....

...but also old German metal! Seen at Stay Classy Atlanta!

Win a helicopterflight at Maikäfertreffen

Do you fancy winning a helicopter flight at the Maikäfertreffen in Hanover? The local newspaper is looking for bug-stories, the two best get published and the authors are winning the flights! You have to be quick, entry deadline is this Thursday.

23 Apr 2012

D+S Hardtop Coupe

Some of you have followed the story of this amazing barnfind. A 1954 Dannenhauer & Stauss hardtop coupé, one of only three ever built. It lives in the US and just had its first public show off at Kelley Park. Cinderella for car lovers, I simply love the car and the story!