28 Feb 2022

Barndoor 1950

Spotted this well known Barndoor in the "Zeithaus" of the Autostadt in Wolfsburg a few years ago and just gave it a new paintjob. Aus Gründen!

27 Feb 2022



The colours of these days are yellow and blue! My thoughts are with the people of Ukraine! I’m shocked, devastated and deeply concerned! BEST scenario is „just“ another COLD war in Europe. Arms industry is the only winner, wasted money we essentially need for other urgent topics!

I'm sure that people of Russia don't want a WWIII either! Stop spreading hate and propaganda of a "freed" Ukraine. WWII started with a "freed" Czechoslovakia because of a "suppressed minority". There are no winners in aggressive games of dictators greedy for unlimited power! 

The war for peoples opinion in the web started years ago! Don't become a vassal of antidemocratic maniacs from the East or the West!

19 Feb 2022

Family portaits

A friend of mine recently asked me, what a "double dot" Pepsi cooler is. I took a pic of my double and single dot coolers and decided to take a few more pics of coolers that are from the same family. In case you don't know either and don't spot the difference: Pepsi changed its logo end of the 1940s from a double dot between the words to a single dot. That's why the double dots in good condition are very rare! They are more than 70 years old (apart from the small repro ones! Those are from the 90/00s).