28 Mar 2011

PRND 4 Sale - again!

Ben's 51 is for sale again, this time in the US. It didn't last very long with its new owner...

27 Mar 2011

Interior works

I spent my Sunday with some wood works again.

VolksWorld 2011

First day of VoWo is over and the guys are starting the upload Fest. CSP, Low&Slow, OldStylers, Gordon's Flickr, Dubbed Bora's Flickr, Tyzer Tigers Flickr, VWBug.co.uk...Many more to come! Envy envy, wish I was there!

25 Mar 2011

VolksWorld Sneak Pics

Tomorrow VolksWorld 2011 will open the gates! The guys from CSP are already presenting some pics from setup day on their FB profile! The first one is from T2D, the web will be plastered with their 356 from tomorrow onwards....

21 Mar 2011

Freddy Files 2011

A couple of shots from Ninove in Belgium, taken last weekend by Alexandre. More pictures on 11windowgoldesunroof.skynetblogs, and here, here and here......and here.

20 Mar 2011

interior works

I love sunny Sundays! Worked on the cupboards for the van..

17 Mar 2011


Wow, passed the 100K milestone today! Cheers everyone for visiting! Original pic from www.kdf-wagen.de

16 Mar 2011

Hot VWs DragDay 2011 -2

The Mafiosi went to Irwindale as well. Show and BBQ shots (boiii do I miss summer and BBQs!) on the Mafia-Blog.

Hot VWs DragDay 2011

You know better pages than this blog to get the latest news from Japan, and I'm sure you visit them anyway. Therefore a few shots from the HotVWs Drag day, nicked from the HafenKäfers webpage.