26 Feb 2011

Interior 2

Threw in panels and front bench today! Trimmed by Heinrich Barth of www.autosattlerei-braunschweig.de! Nice guy, quick and very good results!

25 Feb 2011


Picked up my freshly upholstered front bench and door panels today....Can't wait to install them!

21 Feb 2011

Aussie Supercharged '59

Mentioned this project from down under before! Lots of great details and a very shiny paint on this one! Now it's nearly finished, apart from some final assembly works. Fantastic car, still don't like the 17s though!

19 Feb 2011

The Lexibug

Very cool V8 powered volksrod in the werks in Ireland! Follow the progress on Volksrods.com!

18 Feb 2011

The Church Van

Very nice Photoshop work of the Church Van found on Facebook! More pics of this cool 1963 Ford Econoline custom van on Facebook and all over the net, e.g. here.

Oops, they did it again...

T2D doing it again...

17 Feb 2011


Another one of many cool pictures from the ridinhood.com galleries!

Don't buy this DC!

PLEASE don't buy this very cool double cab:)! It belongs to my buddy Olly and I would desperately miss cruising around town with him in the upcoming season. Ok, he still got the brezel, and the notch, and the bay...so feel free to check his Ad and make him a good offer!

1:87 vans

You like model vans? So does Dennis. Check his collection here. He also likes bays, wedges, T4s and T5s. Great collection Dennis!

15 Feb 2011

356/2 Gmünd

Beautiful piece of history from the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. Original picture from history-of-cars.com, found via lozerifornia.

VoWo 04/2011

Check out the upcoming issue of VolksWorld for a feature of the without doubt most popular restoration of the year! More fresh wallpapers to find here.

13 Feb 2011

356 Pre As

More great pictures from a Porsche Exhibition in Switzerland to find here.

12 Feb 2011

Cambered Spilt

Another one from Evil Ben's workshop...

Fendered Patina

Saaaweet ride, now in the UK and waiting for the VolksWorld Show! Spotted at evilben's.

D+S x2

BBT is shipping TWO Dannenhauer&Stauss off to sunny California. Only 18 are still known to exist worldwide! Still looking for the barn with number 19..:)

7 Feb 2011

flat 15w

Another bagged bus. Old pic, I think from VoWo, rediscovered in the SSVC Forums.

The Force

Nice clip from our favourite manufacturer, our American friends might know it from the Super Bowl (break)!

6 Feb 2011


This well known bagged slammer is currently for sale on TheSamba. Plenty of pics can be found in the build-thread on steeringboxscrapers.net.

5 Feb 2011


An electric 356 is available via Euromasters from the US. For 'just' $50.000 one could be yours! Found via engadget.com


Received some material from the trimmer and checked the colours today!