30 May 2016

Cooler bracket

I installed a new cooler bracket on the rack. CNC cut out of acrylic glass, makes it much easier to fix the coolers!

Rolling Shots

Discovered some rolling shots of my van and my buddys oval on facebook!

23 May 2016

Double Cab

If I had a DC, it would look like this one! Plain love it! Seen at the Barndoor Mafia!

7 May 2016

Bulli Europa Treffen Bad Harzburg

Had a day off on Friday and took the family to the Bulli Europa Meeting in Bad Harzburg. Great location, fantastic weather but poor marketing. Not sure if many more buses showed up during the weekend, but the Friday afternoon was rather empty. It's a shame, but I think people just didn't know that meeting took place due to the lack of marketing on Facebook and other websites...I received a flyer somewhere, but I'm kind of a local!


I haven't seen many pics of this panel in the web yet, have no idea why! Followed it's build years ago, these ones are from facebook.

1 May 2016