28 Jan 2009

Paper bay onyone?

I love the Australian country side. You don't see a car for 30 minutes and suddenly you get overtaken by a time traveller from the 80s.

27 Jan 2009

Road Trip sighting

I spend Australia day travelling. I spotted a very interesting VDub graveyard. Can somebody please go and rescue some of the dubs? The site is not far from Geelong in Victoria. I saved the exact location in my GPS: it's S 38 degrees 08.541', E 144 degrees 18.291' , Hamilton Highway 106, B140. I saw at least 10 bays, 1 split, 1 oval and 2 Type3s.

23 Jan 2009

Victorian Hot Rod Show 2009

I've been to a hot rod show in the Royal Exhibition Buidling in Melbourne today. Boiii. I love my VDubs, but American muscle is fascinating as well! Only two VDubs were on display, this type 3 and a stock beetle. Shit loads of high quality rides. If you are from the area you should definitely go, the show is open until Australia Day Monday.


I do NOT collect toys, I do NOT collect toys.... I had to concentrate on the limited size of my suitcase. They had some nice toys on display including rare beasts from Hot Wheels. The majority were American muscles of course. How cool is the slot car quartermile??


22 Jan 2009


Somebody grabbed himself a bargain. As set of rare 5.5x15 Cosmics in Porsche Pattern for $1500 on TheSamba. The ad was deleted after 2 days, the Californian seller didn't even reply to all my mails....


This T2D built Westfalia will soon get a VolksWorld feature and leave the UK going to Thomas in Denmark. Visit his blog, and if you like support him paying for the bay by buying his old split.

21 Jan 2009

911-Camper for sale

This was one of my favourite buses 6 years ago and one of the reasons I always wanted to have one. Now its for sale. I never liked the interior though....

Klassic Fabrications

Repro barndoor single cab. Go to klassicfab if you need funky green sheet metal for your project. I hope Gerson will be able to use that sunroof to replicate it by the way...