29 Oct 2009


Thorsten send over some more pics! Grey is on as well! Go to Brauer if you want shiny shiny paint like that!

17 Oct 2009

GFK Thread

Cool shot as seen on TheSamba.com.

Konrad is 4 sale!

The Pink Pounder is up for grabs on TheSamba!


Thorsten sent over some pics of the first stage of the paint job! Looking good Thorsten! Can't wait till the grey is on it as well!

15 Oct 2009

Wolfsburg Street Wear

I received a nice message from Martin from Sweden! Check out his new webshop! Cheers Martin!

6 Oct 2009

Cool Project!

Check out this ride! I want one for my future son! Another cool project of Passat-Felix.

2 Oct 2009

my van

I also received some new pics of my van today. Following Thorsten the majority of the prep works is done and we are close to getting some colour! Can't wait!


I received an email from Felix from Leipzig today. Nice waterpumper Felix!