30 May 2010

My van

Visited my van today. The plan was to take it home, but bits and pieces are still missing. Guido is working his ass off for the van for quite a while already. But with one man off sick for weeks he is on his own with shit loads of projects in the pipeline. I trust his skills more than mine, so I decided to leave it with him to finalize it. I know it's worth it!

26 May 2010

NOT low&slow BD

This well known '52 BD is now sporting some repop Fuchs and a 2.4l engine. Noice!

24 May 2010


I have been to Turkey for a couple of days. Back to business tomorrow:(.

15 May 2010

Cosmic Repros

Cosmics in Porsche pattern are some of the rarest rims. Nobody reproduced them - until now. Repros are on their way...! Check jj-vintage! Bad news for owners of originals, prices will drop, for sure.


No need to worry about fancy rims on this one. Seen on the Barndoor Mafia blog.

V8 Ghia

Saw pics of this Ghia from Texas in the KCW forums. Not exactly to my taste, great craftsmanship though.


Two sunroof projects I followed from the beginning are getting there: BD and pressed Bumper. I just love early sunroof buses!

14 May 2010

356 with Audi V8

The 356 outcast is making progress. Very trick set up with a LiDAR scanner going on...

11 May 2010

My van

TÜV appointment got busted again, schedule is postponed for an uncertain time. Completion day - so close, yet so far away:(

7 May 2010

Don't ask!

You need balls of steel to cut the roof out of an intact split body...! One of Guido's not so average custom projects I will follow fo sho!

My van

Guido sent some more pics. Completion day is getting closer!!

1 May 2010

Audi Bi-turbo V8 Bug

The thing I like best about that 500HP El Loco monster is the original look of the tail pipe!

Rusty the Volksrod

Check Kings of Cruisin for more info about that Volksrod!

Maikäfertreffen Hannover 2010

Had a great day in Hannover today. Here are just a few of my pics. And I already tried not to take too many! PRNDR looked great! Really liked the beetle factory split. Aircooled.nl Split is for sale! Tobi/DFLs oval, stunning as ever.

MKT 10 - Mr. Postman

Tobi, the owner of this `68 and his mates are taking the bench of my van and some other things to Guido. Thanks again guys!! Your saved me 650km of Autobahn!

MKT 10 - Angora Racing

I just LOVE the Angora Oval!