31 Dec 2010

very cool van

One of the coolest vans on earth, seen at the "Snow and Ice" Festival 2010 in Brugge, Belgium. It is for sale on ebay!

28 Dec 2010


The chop is dead, long live the chop! Seen @ Fuel Magazine OZ, discovered via Luftkraft.

23 Dec 2010


Being a junior these days is pretty cool! Seen this one on wagamamaya. Reminds me to the Schaukelchopper I mentioned here a while ago. The Mini BD should be on final for Xmas too, can't wait so see the result....



22 Dec 2010


Getting emotional seeing pics like this...am sick of snow!

VW 38

Stolen from Johnny D's Kernzentrale! Something that will not come true for sure I'm afraid! Check the progress of the build on TheSamba, it received the first coats of colour!

7 Dec 2010

Project Review 7: the 356 V8

Great craftsmanship on this one, some major updates since my last post, but unfortunately no recent ones.

Project Review 6: the VWarbird

Unfortunately no updates on this one for quite a while, not sure if it will ever be finished. Post a comment if you know anything more about it!

Project Review 5: the Stern Goggo

Suites just too well into this row of previously mentioned mad projects: the Radial Engine Goggomobil.

Project Review 4: the W12 Fridolin

Somehow lost track of this one after the VolksWorld feature. Following Volksforum.com it's not too far ahead of the state it had during the feature.

Project Review 3: the V10 Ghia

Another one from the 'shelf of uniqueness' how I like them, the V10 Ghia. Not to everyone's taste, but for sure going to become world famous once it's finished!

Project Review 2: Dragsteyr 55

Another very cool project I mentioned before. The Steyr 55 from Helsinki, an ultra unique car! Go for it Jyrie!

6 Dec 2010

Project Review 1: IFA F9

Mentioned this project before, it's an IFA F9, built in former Eastern Germany! This is going to be one übercool car! Check ifa-ff9.blogspot.com for the latest progress.

4 Dec 2010


Winter in Wolfsburg. The "Brezel" in front of Ostfalia, the University of Applied Sciences.

1 Dec 2010

VW38 is off to the paint shop

A big milestone! Hats off to the builders, can't wait to see it in paint!

The Bonneville Bus

Love it!


One more from the abortions thread. Definitely unique...


In case some of you guys have wondered which bus is actually shown in the blog logo: it's Steve Woodbridges's 1965 split, first Restowagen UK feature bus. Just adjusted the indicators to get the look right...