28 Sept 2011

Krasse Busse

As shown on German TV last week: a report about some really fast buses including the world famous race taxi. In German only, but you'll get the idea...

19 Sept 2011

36hp Landspeed Challenge

Ok, this bug is not exactly what I'd call pretty, but build for a certain purpose, Dick Beith's creation is very unique!

18 Sept 2011

New Goofback Design

New paintjob on Ballz aircooled Goofback with a set of different rims by fifteen52.

15 Sept 2011

The Bluesmobug

Arild Dyrkorn from Norway is building a jaw dropping chopped and shortened custom bug: the bluesmobug. The project is obviously influenced by world-famous Billabug, one of THE custom bugs of the late 80s. Found via CSPs FB page.

14 Sept 2011

International Historic Motoring Awards

The Berlin-Rom-Wagen is competing in the "International Historic Motoring Awards". Feel free to vote!

5 Sept 2011

Adenbüttel 2

Some more pics of my van, taken in Adenbüttel by Micha, the head of the Haubentaucher website! Cheers for the pics Micha! Check Haubentaucher and Mopar-Crew-Gifhorn for loads of cool Muscle and Mopar pics!

4 Sept 2011


Went to a small meeting in the little town of Adenbüttel on Saturday.