31 Aug 2012

Abortion of the day

Not to the average taste, but unique craftsmanship! For sale in Germany.

18 years....

...ago I bought my bug! My first car and I still own and love it!

The Bus Movie

Now also available for download. Including some well known faces and cars and worth every Cent!

25 Aug 2012

Moon Scooter

Very cool combo, seen at the Island of Wight scooter rally 2012 by the Cool Flo's!

22 Aug 2012

Sweet SC 4 sale

Badass T2D single cab for sale on ebay UK.

Slammed gipsy II

...well....it might be Photoshop, but now I'm almost certain they'll turn it into reality! Seen at Radikalbugz FB page!

20 Aug 2012

Run to the Sun 2012

Spent a long Weekend in Otterndorf and joined this years Run to the sun. Had a fantastic time with old and new friends in perfect weather conditions. Also won a Top3 award for my van, a real honour considering there were about 4-500 cars around. I'll be back!

15 Aug 2012

T2D Body Dropper

The T2D body dropper is currently getting painted at IKustoms! CAN'T WAIT to see this baby reassembled!