31 Jan 2011

Old stuff

This video is pretty old, but still one of the best burnout videos I've ever seen! R.I.P. Mark Herbert:(! Rediscovered via the Ultimate Aircooled facebook page.

30 Jan 2011


It's a shame the razoredge fastback prototype from the Karmann Museum never went into production! Find the original pic and some other prototypes here.

27 Jan 2011


Very nice shot taken by Brian Blakesley, nicked from here. Hope you don't mind, Brian!

26 Jan 2011

23 Jan 2011

One key solution

Installed my new old doorhandle set today. Marcus from Käferschlüssel.de adjusted the set for a one key (I had 4 different ones) solution! Great work, thanks Marcus!

VW38 wedding day

What a day for the VW38 team! Congratulations!


Went to the winter meeting in Herford yesterday. Met quite a few nice people there, was definitely worth the visit!

22 Jan 2011

Ralp Laurens Garage

If you hear the name Ralph Lauren you might think about Polos, but you couldn't be more far off, just have a look into his garage....

18 Jan 2011

D+S Replica

Dannenhauer & Stauss inspired replica in the werks in Belgium! One more Samba thread to follow...

17 Jan 2011


Coming to a decision interior wise is nearly as hard as picking the colour for the car itself...

16 Jan 2011


Beautiful Type3 on Babyfuchs, loaded with style! Check International Musselschrupping for more pics of Ralfs Notch! Also check his uploads on TheSamba!

15 Jan 2011


Talking about Fuchs, I am considering to change the detailing of my Fuchses. Do you know any cars with detailed Fuchs like the second pic? Then post a pic on TheSamba please! The first picture shows my van, the second one is just p-shoped.


A couple of shots showing cars on 17" Fuchs repops. We all know, rims make or brake a car. Am I the only one who thinks that 17" look ridiculous? I think these cars would look way better on 15". Just my 50 Cents...

14 Jan 2011


You might know this one from Hot VWs magazine. Hotrod influenced bug, currently 4 sale @ Oldbug.com


Beautiful shot of the Volksfahrer panel.


Another unique creation in the werks in SoCal. Spotted by Mr. Beskow aka Pip.

13 Jan 2011


Rent a Cocktailbar! These guys bring their own bar to your party. And what a cool bar it is. Check die-sambar.de and vw-bulli.de for more.

11 Jan 2011


Beautiful shot found @ the Meanbugs.

Sven's Resto

Sven is making very good progress with his '65. Can't wait to cruise around in town with him in this sea blue beauty!

8 Jan 2011


Johnny D sold his '51 Porndoor, it's going to the US. A sad day for European enthusiasts, but I'm sure Mr. Danger will show up with another ("knicked"?) jawdropper fairly soon...

7 Jan 2011

Bad Camberg 2011

Two good reasons to visit shiny Bad Camberg (24.06.-26.06.2011): VW38 and Porsche Type64 (aka VW38/42) will hopefully be on display! The only downside this year: rusty and/or slammed cars are not welcome anymore. I guess this will put many people off. So you better show up in your polished stocker, if you have the choice...