15 Jul 2015

Happy birthday, bug!

My bug got 30 today! I bought him more than 20 years ago. He had to follow the old German tradition and swept out his garage...:)

My Bus in VolksWorld

My bus is finally in the VolksWorld! Okay, not a full feature, but hey....still happy to see it in there:)!

12 Jul 2015

Star-Bug Summer Party

Spent Saturday night at Star-Bug. We had a blast! Thanks Ringo and family for an awesome weekend!

5 Jul 2015

Summer in the city

There is nothing like cruising through the country side with open safaris in nearly 40°C. Took my split out a couple of times this weekend and really enjoyed it! Today we went to a little car show close to Wolfsburg, but it was just too hot to park!