31 Aug 2009

31st of August 1994

To the day 15 years ago I bought my beetle! Can't believe how quickly time passes by. The pic shows me and my dad with one of the VW corporate planes. He used to work as a pilot for the Volkswagen Air Service for over 35 years. That's why I'm a Volkswagen child since I was born. No comments about the hair cut please!

Oval56 @ Chateau d'Oex

Check Andy's pictures of Chateau d'Oex!

26 Aug 2009

Vintage Volkswagen Challenge 2

These guys are doing a similar trip from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego in an old split! Unfortunately their site is in German only.

Vintage Volkswagen Challenge 1

Follow the adventures of these enthusiasts on their way from Germany to China. Unfortunately they are not up to date with the English translation of their blogging.

The Lounge is 4 sale

Well know for its unique interior the magazine-featured "Lounge" panel is on offer for £26k.

My van at the paint shop

I went to Duisburg today to meet up with Thorsten from Brauer. The roof is ready for paint and so are parts of the interior. They can't really start on the exterior yet as the cargo doors are needed for achieving smooth lines. But Guido promised to finalise them very soon!
A laid-back way to deal with (hit-and-run) accidents!

24 Aug 2009


Check this coach-built VW. Built in Austria based on a KDF Kübelwagen. More pics and info on TheSamba and on the owner's club site.

DBK Split

Another cool shot of this well known DBK split.

21 Aug 2009

SCC 09

This ex-ambulance ran a 13.742/148.54km/h at the Scandinavian Cal-look Classic 09 and won the fastest bus award! Congrats to Jørn Tangen from Norway! Pics nicked from sccevent.com and Olaf Albers.

19 Aug 2009

Unique Twins

Check these unique vans from Indonesia. Long and short version. That's where they invented Java Toys :)

7 Aug 2009

Back from the shotblaster

The van is currently covered in a protective coat and ready for the next stage at Brauer! And no, it won't become a country van. Watch this space...

5 Aug 2009


Crazy Ben aka Johnny Danger is currently involved in two very cool Barndoor projects. Follow their resurrection on TheSamba here and here.

2 Aug 2009

Käfertreffen Celle

I went to Celle with my girlfriend today. Was an interesting little meeting with quite a few nice cars, but without spectacular ones.