27 Mar 2013


A dream comes true for the German Fuchsstylers! Thanks to Bugwelder you can finally buy legal Fuchs design repop wheels. May sound strange for you guys outside Germany, but the German TÜV is pretty tough regarding aftermarket rims. No "Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis (ABE)", no (legal) fun!

T2D body dropper

I really love that bus! Pics from different Facebook sites and blogs!

Rometsch Lawrence

That Rometsch really is bad ass! Pics by Oldstyler Pille Palle! Read more about it on TheSamba!

Split Bed

Another one for the bed collection.

24 Mar 2013

Slammed DKW Schnelllaster

I was only a matter of time until someone would do it: slammed DKW Schnelllaster, seen at VoWo by Christoph Müller.

23 Mar 2013

VolksWorld Show 2013

I wish I could be there! Thanks to CSP, Bugwelder and many more the coverage on Facebook is pretty good! Great cars on display as usual!

17 Mar 2013

The V10 Ghia

I followed this project for years, now it's finally finished! Not the car I desperately wanted to own, but still an awesome piece of craftsmanship! 

15 Mar 2013

Amarok Polar Expedition

I'm neither a big fan of snow nor do I like modern pickup trucks, but these Amaroks look pretty tough! These guys are trying to break the world record for the longest trip in one direction in one country...they chose Russia for this, as obviously no other county is large enough regarding longitudes...

More pics at Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge, the expeditions Facebook page or on their website.

11 Mar 2013

Custom is not dead

Suicide doors on a splitscreen van? I guess this one is a revamped survivor of the mighty nineties...Custom is alive and kickin'! Pic from CSP/Ninove.

Trekker @ Ninove 2013

Ninove was obviously pretty wet this year. Cool cars around anyway as usual! This Thing caught my eye in my FB news....pics from T2D + CSP.

9 Mar 2013


Abortion of the day?! I am pretty sure this is just a good photoshop concept!

1 Mar 2013


Werk34, previously known as Volkswarenhaus, are looking for the best aircooled summer pic and are giving away some vouchers for the winners....if you are on FB feel free to like my pic...:)))


Another cool bed!