31 Aug 2008

14 years

On the 31st of August 1994, 14 years ago, I bought Keule, my beloved beetle.

26 Aug 2008

I even started putting stickers on the VirtuVan... I think it's time to get back to work tomorrow...

25 Aug 2008

21 Aug 2008

I received some new pictures from Guido today!

20 Aug 2008


Following the response in the cal-look lounge the Scandinavian Cal-look Classic was a fabulous event! Pictures stolen from the lounge.

15 Aug 2008


Some random Folks pics stolen from TheSamba Forums...

London Metro

This morning I saw this in the London Metro (one of the free newspapers). How to travel with speed of light in your camper van....
Oh, and yes, I am back in London for a couple of weeks before I go to Australia.

11 Aug 2008


The Linde is leaving T2D and is going to the panscrapers in Spain. And somehow Walter of the bugbox and the detectives seem to have some discrepancies recently...

6 Aug 2008

4 Aug 2008

Camping trip to Sylt

I've been on Sylt for a couple of days with my girlfriend. This trip was planned with my own T1 van ages ago. My dad kindly borrowed me his T5 as my one is still far from being roadworthy....The new deadline for my van is March 2009, and this time it's a deadly deadline...!
Everytime you think you've seen the lowest bay ever T2D come up with an even lower one...