26 Feb 2012

Herbie's World Tour

Check HerbiesWorldTour.com for more pics and stories from Zainab (on the pic) and Domi on their trip around the globe! Great adventure, many of us are dreaming of a trip like that, but only a few are brave enough to go! Keep us posted Domi and Zainab!

Heckkraft Custom

Visited my friends Olly + Anna of Heckkraft Custom today! They are currently rebuilding a '63 type 2 split panel and also have a '50 type 1 split bug in the werks, not to forget some other bugs and busses! Olly is mainly famous for his cool `64 notchback. Check their site, always worth a visit!

25 Feb 2012


My gauges are ready! This is how they looked before

New Shirt

New shirt for the mini Miss arrived last week! The season can begin:)!

23 Feb 2012

Insano Volks

Low low low....


This is the 1952 Barndooor Panel of (Air)mighty Niels, currently in the Werks at StatusVW! Great work guys!

21 Feb 2012

Stolen 356 Pre A

From DDK-online.com: "Probably one of the best-known 356s in the UK (for all kinds of reasons!), Del's 'Streamliner' 356 coupe was stolen last night from his house in Farnham. It is chassis number11176 – a Reutter-bodied 1952 coupe modified with full Le Mans-style fender skirts all round, louvred rear quarter window inserts, through the bonnet fuel filler, etc. It disappeared sometime between 9.00pm Monday (19th of Feb) night and 8.00am Tuesday morning (20th of Feb). PLEASE tell everyone and keep your eyes and ears open. Del's owned this car for ever... His number is 01252 726731!"

20 Feb 2012


Looking for a late valentines present? Get it here!

Dream garages

I guess you are a car nutter like me, otherwise you wouldn't return to this blog once in a while. I bet you have dreamt of building the perfect garage already! If you need some inspiration, check luxury4play.com!

10 Feb 2012

Split Bed #5

Another one! Thanks Christian (First Inc Motorclub) for the link! In case you missed the other 4: #1 , #2 , #3 and #4

Toy Porsche

Check out this toy Porsche 550 Spyder! Also available as 356 Speedster or 904 GTS via Pennewitz-Design in Germany! This pic is stolen from the CSP FB page!