30 May 2010

My van

Visited my van today. The plan was to take it home, but bits and pieces are still missing. Guido is working his ass off for the van for quite a while already. But with one man off sick for weeks he is on his own with shit loads of projects in the pipeline. I trust his skills more than mine, so I decided to leave it with him to finalize it. I know it's worth it!


Cranck said...


But keep pushing, your premium ride will be worth every effort!!! Can't wait to see it. We'll probably be passing Brunswick again on our trip home from honeymoon. Let us know if we should take a pitstop at you garage around the 24th of June...


zecoch said...

you have assimilated every tricks of David Carradine in kung fu serie because you seem very cool not to go back home with your Toy!!
"When you'll be able to walk on eggs without breaking none you'll probably will be able to travel the wide world with your split bus boy!"
Zecoch from chaolin land ;-)

slammed.shady said...

Lol! Good analogy! Was a hard decision to leave it there. But Guido is doing a good job, he should bring the technical part to the end first. Cheers guys!