10 Apr 2011


Brought the van to Rainer from Orratech this Friday. Planned as a season-opening session with mild upgrades he ended up with some serious work to solve other nasty issues...The van stole his and his buddy's complete Saturday as well...and is now ready to run! Thank you Rainer!!

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Olivier "jok-r" said...

Becarfull with 123 ignition distributor, I burnt 3 coil (2 bosch Blue coil, and a black Pertronix).
When the first one "died" I thought the engine was "off" on cylinder #3 & #4, so I put it down to check valves and pistons to discover . . . that all was in perfect order ! When I changed the Bosch Blue Coil (a 3 month old one !) to a Pertronix everything become perfect, for only 1 year, before the same troubles . . .