2 Apr 2011


Picked up my freshly detailed set of fake Fuchs from Olly & Anna. They were so kind to bring mine when they picked up their own set from Marschel. Marschel has an excellent reputation in the vintage car scene, they are regularly working for the Grundmanns and also painted VW38! And - not so surprisingly - they did a great job! My ones are detailed with painted outer ring, Olly and Anna went for the classic style I am currently also sporting on my van.


Anonymous said...

Very nice.. are those available in the US?

slammed.shady said...

They are from Midland Wheels in the UK. I'm sure you'll get them in the US, but I think the chromed Flat4's are even better, but they are also more expensive...The MW don't have the heart!

g said...

Hi i need those wheels for a vW notchback please recommend size of wheels and tires