6 Mar 2017

200+ km/h in a Samba?

Someone in Germany obviously just finished a rather fast deluxe! Read about it here.


Anonymous said...

it's my buddies built.. he makes it for Mr. Fuchs.
i've uploaded the pictures..

it has a Porsche 964 chassis under a bus incl. ABS, suspension, transmission etc..

it was his first drive.. he's crazy :-)
he said it's drives absolutely smooth and straight..

btw i bought the vw speed magazine with your bus just because of your announcement, really great story..

see ya hopefully on maikäfertreffen this year, when weather is fine..

slammed.shady said...

Thanks for the info and the feedback! Great bus, hope to see you and Mr. Fuchs' Samba in Hanover, I will be there for sure!