6 Aug 2017

Bulli Summer Festival

I am back home from the "Bulli Summer Festival" in Wolfsburg. Had a fantastic time with old and new friends. I really enjoyed the meeting, had an excellent parking place close to the main area and stage. Others weren't so lucky and had to camp on a gravelled and dusty parking place offside and had to pay the same price...rumours say not all of them enjoyed it as much as I did, especially during and after a couple of rain showers. I won the trophy for the "best split bus" and was very honoured. I also got interviewed by several TV stations and the bus even got a shooting for the French SuperVW magazine. As you can imagine, I had a blast! Unfortunately I missed to register for the convoy to Hanover, so I decided not to go to the showdown in Hanover at all and enjoy the rest of Sunday with my kids instead...

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bfahrer said...

Glückwunsch! Ich habe das Shooting aus erster Reihe verfolgt.
Einiges an diesem Treffen ist verbesserungswürdig gewesen und ich kann die Teilnehmer auf Sektor A sehr gut verstehen!!!Freue mich, das dir mein T1 gefallen hat.