12 Feb 2020

'57 PGSG Split Bus

I recently discovered Eric Arnold Photography on Facebook an really like his shots! These Palm Green Sand Green split bus was issued in the latest Hayburner magazine, one of the best colour combos ever in my eyes! All shots by Eric Arnold!

2 Feb 2020

Italian panel

I saw this radical project on Facebook recently! I do like this Italian Job by Albesianomotorsport!

The Brezel

Some of you might remember, that I sold my split bug project to my buddy Olly aka Mr. Heckraft Custom about a year ago. Olly is well known for being quick with his projects, and he didn`t disappoint me again! The Brezel has TÜV already and is currently in the Werks for some extra tricks. The fake patina is not really my cup of tea, but the way he did it is really nice!

4 Jan 2020

My bus on Bob's bag

A friend took this picture in Rosmalen today, a man sporting a bag with 3 buses on it. Not sure but I think the man is Bob van Heyst from BBT. I took this pic of my and two friends busses in 2012 during the Run to the Sun, find the original post here. I also posted it on Facebook, so I was aware it might get used by others as well. But I think it is so cool to see this old pic is still loved! Does anybody know if that bag is available online somewhere?