20 Feb 2021

Ette's 56 Wolfsburg Deluxe

My buddy Ette is currently working on his Deluxe making it ready for the upcoming show season. He is also doing some research about the history of the bus and I try to help him wherever I can. He bought it in Spain, but it got restored in the UK by Mike and was known as the "WFIL Radio 560 News Cruiser" for a while. He sold it in 2014. It also got featured in Camper&Bus Magazine in 06/2014. Before its life in the UK it belonged to a very nice chap in Florida called Todd, aka Gatorwyatt. We found him via TheSamba and he told us many stories how he once discovered it in the woods of Florida, parked and forgotten by a Vietnam vet from Colorado named Jeff Cerwinski. Todd bought it from him in 1994 for $1.000. This research isn't over yet! If these buses could only talk!


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